V3 VEGA, The Former Apex Legends Team is Now Signed With DetonatioN Gaming

The former Apex Legends squad of V3 Vega has found a new home, as DetonatioN Gaming announced signing Tatsumi “ t23tatsu” Hasegawa, Lucky “ JIGEN” Takeyama, and Miko “1tappy” Isegi on Saturday.

The team, which qualified for the Split 2 playoffs in Stockholm and made it to the event’s grand finals, will now represent their new organization at the ALGS Championship in July. The team qualified for the final event of the ALGS season with their 20th-place finish at the Stockholm LAN, and a fourth-place finish in the APAC North Split 1 playoffs.

It’s difficult to argue that the new organization isn’t an upgrade for the former V3 squad. DetonatioN has made a name for themselves in League of Legends over the past several years, building up a fanbase around their League team, DetonatioN FocusMe. The team has won several LJL titles over the past four years and earned the right to represent Japan at multiple League World Championships.

Now, the organization is getting into Apex, which enjoys a large following in Japan. The new DetonatioN team will want a good finish at the ALGS Championship and get their new org started on the right foot.

Despite the team’s disappointing 20th-place finish in the finals at Stockholm, DetonatioN did an excellent job to qualify for those finals, considering the caliber of several teams that did not. North American giants like G2 were sent home from the event early, as were strong EMEA squads like the ex-Gambit team Players, iG International, Acend, SCARZ, and K1CK, among others.

With LAN experience and a new organization, DetonatioN will want to prove in Raleigh that they can do more than just qualify for finals. The team will compete for a $2 million prize pool and the title of ALGS Champs against teams from all over the world.

The ALGS Championship kicks off on July 7.

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