Valheim Pokemon Mods Wants You to Catch Them All

A fresh set of Valheim mods drastically changes the world and challenges you to be the best you’ve ever been. Pokeheim is a mod bundle by Joey Parrish and cashpipeplusplus that is more akin to a new game than your normal Valheim mod. Armor and weaponry are no longer important in Pokeheim. Your structures are irrelevant, and you will not be studying new technology.

While that sounds pretty antithetical to the survival game experience, you still have a purpose. You spend your time gathering materials to craft Poke Balls, working under the tutelage of Professor Raven, a chatty corvid Odin sent down to help after the god remembers he accidentally created a world full of monsters and should maybe, probably, do something about it.

“He decided that something had to be done to catch ’em… all of ’em,” the mod’s backstory reads. “But Odin’s always been more of an ‘idea man,’ so he sent Professor Raven to kidnap you and make you do it.”

Totally normal behavior.

You’ll scour the woods and plains, searching for materials to craft more and better balls with, before trying your luck at making one of Valheim’s creatures your new war pet.

The standard boars and graylings are now free game for capturing and raising – capturing tames them, so Parrish recommends not using any other tame mods in case the two conflict in unexpected ways – and your goal is amassing an army of obedient critters not to tackle some Viking form of Gym Leaders, but to wage war against the game’s bosses.

It’s a fun way to put a fresh twist on the game, especially if you’re looking for more to do before the Mistlands update launches with its brand-new biome. You may not need weapons in Pokeheim, but don’t forget which weapons serve you the best or other essentials such as how to use the workbench. Mistlands is the first new biome added since Valheim launched, so you can bet it’ll be full of dangers and crafting opportunities.

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