Valorant Players Have One Crucial Suggestion to Improve the Night Market

From yesterday, February 15, through March 7, VALORANT’s Night Market will be open, providing players the opportunity to purchase their preferred skins at a discount if they roll well. However, some of the player population is not happy with how the Night Market functions at the moment.

The VALORANT skins showcased in your Night Market remain randomized, meaning you can end up with six options that you don’t want to buy and there’s nothing else to do but wait for the next Night Market since Riot Games doesn’t let you re-roll the skins and try your luck once again. And some players think this should change.

“This time the Night Market is staying for 3 whole weeks and players’ decision about whether or not they’re going to buy any skin happens within the first time they open the Night Market itself,” one Reddit user said. “Thus, players who don’t like any of the offers they got should get a chance to re-roll after a week or so to try their luck again to get the skins they might actually buy. Having it stay there for 3 weeks doesn’t make too much sense, especially if you roll the skins you won’t buy.”

Some players were hoping to get the knife of their preference in the Night Market and buy it at a discount, but they ended up getting skins they don’t want to buy. If that’s the case for you as well, there’s nothing else to do but wait for the next edition of the Night Market unless Riot alters the system to allow players to re-roll at least once for a second chance.

The Night Market will shut down three days after VCT LOCK//IN São Paulo, the first official event of the year for franchised teams, concludes. If you’re following the $500,00 VALORANT tournament in Brazil, you can keep up with the scores, schedule, and results.

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