VALORANT Skins Are Now Pink & Sentinels Of Light Is Next 

Fans have been pleading with Riot Games to experiment with pink despite the developer’s numerous futuristic Valorant skins that are heavily built with machinery coated in browns and blacks. The Valorant skin inventory is deficient in delicate hues like pinks, yellows, and baby blues despite the huge demand for them. Independent skin designers, though, are doing a fantastic job of encouraging the FPS’s developer.

Most recently, Vegod whipped up a variant of Oni, dubbed Oni 2.0. The Vandal was the opposite of the original bundle as it was painted in bubblegum pink and black. Unsurprisingly the custom variant blew up in the community, and now the same artist has rolled out a pink Sentinels of Light Phantom, and it’s equally spellbinding.

The recent addition of Ion 2.0 was rich in colour. Sparkling blue and lime green was a treat for bright Valorant skin fans, but it has been a while since Riot added something in soft pink, and players have made it clear that they are done with dark shades. The recent success of unofficial Oni 2.0 is enough proof. So now, players are obsessing over the pink Sentinels of Light.

Sentinels of Light is only available for Vandal in bluish and purple colours. But since it’s one of the hit bundles in Valorant, Riot Games may consider releasing another line that includes the Phantom. Almost all sought-after collections in Valorant have gotten a sequel; Magepunk, RGX, Ion, and Reaver are a few examples that returned upon player demand.

Now, Vegod’s custom variant has players begging the developer to do something with pink colour. Vegod’s Sentinels of Light Phantom is in clean monochrome. From the top coat to the veiny crystal, everything is glowing in soft tones, which is majestic. The creator has teased another variant, but the community’s thirst for pink has been quenched.

It is unlikely Riot would roll out the ditto copy of the gun, but Vegod’s concept is inspiring and clean. So it won’t be a surprise if the upcoming Valorant bundle brings something fresh in pink hues.

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