Wallhacking in Overwatch Was Discovered by Sombra’s Translocator

One Overwatch player has found a new bug that allows Sombra players to translocate inside walls on the Numbani map. A glitch allows Sombra to go inside walls, bringing new meaning to the term “wallhack.”

In a 30-second clip from YouTuber Talyir’s ranked game, they used Sombra’s translocator to navigate over a building near Numbani’s Point A. But after a few throws up to the roof, they translocated themselves inside the walls of the building and fell to Point A while still remaining concealed to enemies.

Since its release in 2016, Overwatch has had its fair share of bugs. But compared to other titles like Apex Legends—where major bugs and server issues persist after 10 seasons—Overwatch is largely a bug-free experience. This Sombra glitch, however, allows her to potentially stall Numbani’s Point A until an enemy Hanzo sonics her and uses his ultimate.

While Talyir’s exploit may seem invaluable to some, abusing bugs like this Sombra “wallhack” could get players banned. Such gameplay exploits are considered violations of Blizzard’s In-Game Code of Conduct Policy. “Exploiting bugs or engaging in any activity that grants an unfair advantage is considered cheating,” according to the policy.

The Overwatch team has not yet commented on this exploit, but players might see a bug fix for it in an upcoming patch.

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