War Thunder removes Steam from website as review bombs worsen

Gaijin Entertainment, the company behind the free-to-play naval, aviation, and tank game War Thunder, has continued the situation by removing references to the Valve platform from the game’s website. In response to some possible in-game economic changes that they believe will make War Thunder even more difficult to play without spending real-world money, players went on a review bombing rampage.

Gaijin has since said it will be reversing the economic changes following ongoing Steam review bombs from players. Still, the battleground continues to extend beyond the game itself as Gaijin has now mysteriously removed mention of Steam from the platforms on its own website, despite the fact you can still play the game for free on Steam.

In a recent message, Gaijin said “Review bombing does damage to the game in that new players simply won’t try it, while it doesn’t raise their awareness of the problems you’ve noticed. If your goal is not to hurt the game, please use other, less destructive ways.” However, it looks like the issue has gotten worse, as general reviews have now dropped to “mixed,” while of the recent 75,000 reviews, most are “overwhelmingly negative.”

The below image shows the War Thunder website both before these Steam review bombs (dated Tuesday, February 7, 2023 on the Wayback Machine) and what it looks like now.

War Thunder removes Steam from website as review bombs worsen
Say what you will, but the negative Steam reviews have forced both us in the press and the developers at Gaijin to take notice, and many reviewers have hundreds, if not thousands, of hours in the game. They clearly care and want to keep playing but feel this is one of the only ways to make their voices heard – and, for better or worse, it’s working.

Also, user Medic gives you a step-by-step recipe for Butter Chicken in their War Thunder Steam review, which I thought I should mention for no real reason other than it sounds really good.

Gaijin has also asked players to fill out a survey so the studio can make more sweeping War Thunder economy changes that’ll start rolling out this summer, but there’s currently no telling how the relationship between players and Gaijin will change between now and then, or what’ll happen to War Thunder itself in the interim.

While we wait and see what happens, we’ve got a breakdown of some of the best free Steam games, alongside all those WW2 games you should absolutely try if exploring that era of history interests you.

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