Warzone 2 Star Aydan Whacked With Lengthy Twitch Ban for ‘Sexually Explicit Conduct’

Some fans might have been shocked to learn that Evil Geniuses left North American Dota 2 and lost its entire prior lineup, despite having some of the best players in the world. However, it soon became obvious that cutting operating costs within the division was also a key strategy.

The streamer’s suspension will last seven days, unless it’s overturned.

“Hey, guys. I just wanted to let you know I’ve been suspended from Twitch for seven days for ‘sexually explicit conduct’,” he said. “Not sure what the game plan is, but I just wanted to be transparent with you guys.

The popular Warzone icon added: “Hope to see you soon.”


As for what it was about, Aydan explained: “Honestly, I’m not 100 percent sure. I wasn’t really provided any context or clip for reference, so I’m just left here thinking, lol,” suggesting he hasn’t got the slightest clue, at this stage.

Twitch has often suspended streamers without providing a reason to the stars when they are first struck with the ban. This sounds like one of those situations, and he’ll almost certainly seek clarification.

There’s also a chance he might appeal the ban if he feels it was unjustified, which seems likely based on his comments.

Before the ban was imposed, Aydan recently played in the $25,000 Sadie Hawkins Warzone 2 event. Not even his viewers know what he said or did that could have led to the ban. Clips have yet to surface, too.

Twitch’s community guidelines state: “Users are prohibited from broadcasting, uploading, soliciting, offering, and linking to pornographic or sexually explicit content.” They must have seen something—or it could be a mistake.

Aidan’s viewership has boomed following Warzone 2’s release. His average viewership shot up 32 percent, with a peak of 20,000 viewers. He’s also accrued more than 1.6 million hours watched since it launched.

The ban will curb that momentum, though. The streaming star will be out of action until Monday, Dec. 19.

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