World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Alpha Has New Talent Trees and Professions

The latest World of Warcraft expansion, Dragonflight, is currently in alpha testing. The legendary MMORPG has a tried-and-true system of testing via public test realms, so if you’re in the mood for a sneak peek of things to come, you’re in luck. Blizzard continue their drip-feed of Dragonflight content this week with a chunky alpha build, featuring a new area, new dungeon, expanded features, professions and talent trees. You can check out the full notes on the forums, but let’s quickly run through what’s in store.

Firstly, the new area. The Waking Shores on the Dragon Isles is now open for business. This region of towering rock spires is the ancestral home of the Black and Red Dragonflights, and is known for its intense elemental activity. Your heroes have been summoned to this wild and untamed region in order to aid the Red Dragonflight in fighting the Djaradin – half-giant, half-elementals. Wrathion is also lurking around, seeking to reclaim the capital of the Black Dragonflight.

The new Dungeon, the Ruby Life Pools, is presumably the spawning ground of the Red Dragonflight. Invaders have penetrated this sanctum, and are making off with the precious eggs, amongst other nefarious deeds. Your squad of heroes will be tasked with recapturing this important site.

Dragonriding, a brand new feature for Dragonflight, is set to be expanded in this build also. This ability is a new form of upgradeable and customisable flying, able to be boosted to much higher speeds than regular flying at the cost of less responsive controls. This new build introduces the Dragonriding talent tree, and improves the physics and weight of the experience. Dragon Glyphs have also been placed in the skies over the Dragon Isles, flying through which will unlock achievements.

The Protection and Retribution Paladin talent trees have been implemented, as have all three Mage specialisation trees. The Mage changes include reworking Alexstrasza’s Fury and Wintertide, and introducing a new Arcane spec cooldown, Arcane Surge. Among other changes, Paladins will get access to the new abilities Seal of the Templar, Recompense and Afterimage, and Blessing of Spellwarding is now a class-wide ability.

Last but not least, Jewelcrafting and Leatherworking have both been added to the Dragonflight alpha. The former will have access to more novelty items than before, and will also be able to craft Primalist gems, and a consumable item which adds additional gem sockets to your necklaces. Leatherworkers will have access to new Equip and Set effects on various leather pieces, in addition to a range of new recipes and consumable items. Both professions will have new specialisations – for Jewelcrafting, Faceting and Enterprising; for Leatherworking, Chain Armor and Primordial Leatherworking.

For more on the latest from this week’s alpha build, check out our rundown of every new Dragonflight cooking recipe. Alternatively, have a sensible chuckle at the various memes that came out of the Wrath of the Lich King Classic release date announcement.

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