Worlds 2022 Finalist Pyosik Might Fulfill One Of His Viewer’s Wishes Soon

The jungler for DRX recently shared a memory from his time as a streamer before turning pro in League of Legends in an interview with Korizon. In a stream, he revealed that one of his followers had pushed him to take up professional gaming so that players may finally acquire a valuable Kindred skin.

After qualifying for the finals of Worlds 2022 with DRX, Pyosik now has the opportunity.

“There was this one viewer who would tell me ‘why don’t you go pro and just make your own Kindred skin?” Pyosik said. “I’d be like, ‘dude, stop joking,’ I was at Grandmaster, so how could I even dream of going pro?”

Kindred is Pyosik’s favorite champion. The player was once a Kindred one-trick pony, and his ID in Korean means “mark,” which is a reference to the marks that Kindred collects on the map.

Every Worlds winner gets to choose a champion to receive a special skin, but there are certain criteria that must be met first. A player must have played in two round-robin matches and one playoff match to be eligible for a skin. Players can also only choose skins for champions that they played in the tournament. Luckily for Pyosik, he’s already played Kindred four times during the event, so he will be able to pick a skin for her if he wins the tournament.

Pyosik began his career in 2019 with DragonX Academy, before quickly climbing the ranks and being promoted to the main team the following year. Since then, he has remained DRX’s active jungler and continues to thrive as a dark horse in South Korea.

DRX are the first play-ins team to have ever reached the semifinals and finals of Worlds. After qualifying for the event as the LCK’s fourth seed, very few expected Pyosik and his crew to make it this far, especially since they had to face tournament favorites Gen.G. Nevertheless, the team made it to the final and have just one obstacle left in their way

The Worlds 2022 final between DRX and T1 will kick off on Saturday, Nov. 5 at 7 pm CT. It will be played at Chase Center in San Francisco, California.

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