Wow Cross-Faction Guilds “Being Considered,” Blizzard Says

WoW cross-faction guilds have been the subject of discussion ever since Shadowlands patch 9.2.5, Eternity’s End, enabled the feature. I questioned production director Pat Dawson about whether or not the functionality would be implemented when players of the MMORPG grew accustomed to blending the lines between the Alliance and Horde.

While I remain very much on the Horde side of life, I do have friends who prefer to remain on the straight and narrow. When I asked Dawson if Blizzard is considering a cross-faction guild system to allow players from each faction to come together in a more formal way, he told me “that’s been a hotly requested feature. It’s something that we are certainly considering.”

Clarifying that he has “nothing to announce on that” at the moment, he goes on to state “I think that, as the system evolves, you’re seeing incremental changes being made over time – first was the cross-faction raiding, then cross-faction instances. The next iteration which just changed with the release of Dragonflight is cross-faction tapping, so that’s part two.

“Then we’ll see what’s next, and what’s next after that, and eventually move toward a world where we’re looking to do something like [cross-faction guilds] in the future, but in terms of timeline there’s nothing I can share.”

Either way, that seems pretty positive to me. While there have been issues with with the new tapping system post-launch, largely the cross-faction changes have been met with positive feedback – or at least ambivalence since you don’t need to enable it if you don’t want to.

As the game continues to evolve, I expect to see cross-faction guilds introduced sooner rather than later, and I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t inspire me to maybe try out an Alliance character for once. I played my WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic preview as a Draenei Death Knight and I didn’t hate it, so stranger things have happened.

For now, though, I’ll continue to play through WoW Dragonflight with the best WoW addons in mind. If you’ve been soaring around the Dragon Isles looking for glyphs to upgrade your Dragonriding like I have, we have a list of all of the WoW Dragonflight Dragon Glyph locations right here for you, too.

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