XQc Almost Got Scammed While Trying to Buy His Own VALORANT Team

Streamers like Disguised Toast and Ludwig are scooping up VALORANT rosters on a regular basis in North America, and the king of Twitch himself, xQc, may have followed suit if he hadn’t nearly fallen victim to a fraud when looking for a team.

XQc had shown interest in signing a VALORANT roster right after Disguised Toast picked up steel’s men ahead of the open qualifier for NA Challengers League Split One in January 2022. XQc wanted a team that could “smoke” Disguised Toast’s squad, but his search wasn’t successful at all and he ended up seeing Ludwig form a team before him.

“My brother, I said I was interested in buying a team and I contacted one team to buy, I was way ahead of Ludwig to sign a team,” xQc said on a recent live stream. “They had already found a sponsor and I said ‘yo guys I want to buy a team’ and the other DM I got was from a bunch of low Silver crypto scammers and that’s it. Nobody else, nobody DMs me again.”

It’s unclear at this point if xQc is still looking to buy a roster in NA Challengers League after he almost got scammed in his initial attempt. Week three of the tournament is set to conclude today and after that, there are only two more weeks left to be played before the group stage ends and the best teams move on to the Challengers Mid-Season Invitational.

This leaves xQc with little time left to make his move and poach one of the teams playing in NA Challengers League Split One. The only squad attending the tournament without a sponsor is Turtle Troop, a team who recently spoiled the debut of the BreakThru roster under Ludwig’s banner Moist Moguls.

So if xQc is still interested in joining his fellow streamers on this trend, it’s more likely he’ll have to wait for Split Two.

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