You Can Finally Buy FFXIV’s Controversial Pizza Emote for $7

The conclusion of the FFXIV pizza emote controversy appears to be on the horizon, as Square Enix has now made the eat pizza emote available on the MMO store, two years after the problematic GrubHub limited-time event. This event led to numerous players purchasing meals, only to discover they wouldn’t receive the promised emote.

As a new player to FFXIV, what I’ve termed the ‘Pizza Controversy’ occurred before my time. For those, like me, who are newer to the game, it has nothing to do with Tataru’s preference for pineapple on her pizza but rather revolves around a flawed MMORPG GrubHub collaboration related to an FFXIV eat pizza emote.

In 2021, players could redeem the eat pizza emote by ordering at least $15 worth of food from GrubHub and using the “ENDWALKER” promo code. While seemingly straightforward, this promotion turned out to be anything but smooth. The FFXIV event mentioned free food delivery, tied to that year’s The Game Awards, limited to the first 20,000 orders. However, players claimed that GrubHub was also denying free /eatpizza codes at the time.

Examining the archived promo page from December 23, 2021, on the Wayback Machine, GrubHub initially stated, “There was no limit to the number of customers who could receive the Eat Pizza emote during the promo period.” However, the fine print at the bottom of the archived webpage contradicted this, stating, “Limited supply available (expect high demand). Final Fantasy XIV Online ‘Eat Pizza’ emote item codes will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last.”

This confusion led to players seeking answers from GrubHub customer support without much success. The situation escalated further when individuals began selling the FFXIV eat pizza emote on eBay for around $200.

As of November 20, Square Enix has put an end to the era of expensive pizza by releasing the emote on its store for $7. Additionally, a new Pepperoni Pizza set is available for $5. Despite the $15 spent during the original promotion including a meal, many players may now prefer to pay less for the emote itself, avoiding the uncertainties of the GrubHub promotion.

As a player still on the free trial, the prospect of spending $7 on a virtual slice of pizza may seem excessive to me. However, I understand the significance of having this option available two years later.

While waiting for the FFXIV Dawntrail release date, players can enjoy some pizza and explore the various jobs and FFXIV classes they might want to try before the release. Stay updated on PC games news, reviews, and guides by following us on Google News.

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