Fans Hope That Diablo Immortal’s Chinese Release May Fix Content Drought

Diablo Immortal, a somewhat infamous mobile game by Blizzard, took some time to reach Chinese viewers, but now that it has, Western gamers are expecting for more regular updates.

Critics were quick to attack Blizzard for locking essential items behind a paywall (one long-time Diablo guide site even pulled their coverage of the game in protest), meaning the game’s Chinese release was delayed and, well, delayed.

Finally releasing on July 24, it may herald empty pockets for Chinese Nephalem, but in the West some fans believe it could be the start of more meaningful updates at a higher frequency – something Diablo Immortal players have been asking for.

As all eyes look to the East to see what the future brings, one fan has written “Diablo Immortal launched in China. Hopefully this means more updates,” going on to clarify “more money means more incentives.”

“Tbh that’s my theory,” echoes another. “They expected to launch in China ages ago so all servers have the same events at the same time. But because of the delay Blizzard has had to split up some things in the meantime and that’s why we got nothing.”

Others aren’t convinced, writing “lmao [at] more content” and “get ready for meaty skeletons in the next update.”

Aside from the obvious microtransaction debate, players have been criticizing Diablo Immortal for its extensive queue times when trying to participate in dungeons, as well as its lack of events and rewards.

Whether or not we see some changes post-Chinese release will be interesting – especially given ‘whaling’ (spending a lot of money to level up characters and gear) is relatively common in Asia and will add a whole new revenue source to encourage development.

As we wait to see what Skarn’s Legions get up to, be sure to check out our best Diablo Immortal builds to stay ahead of the curve.

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