FFXIV Warrior Glitch is Letting Tanks Shake Damage Off, Literally

Players, including myself, have been returning in droves to the enchanted land of Eorzea in the aftermath of the release of FFXIV 6.3 in an effort to secure their position in the annals of the MMO. If you’re a warrior main, you’re almost halfway there because a bizarre bug presently exists that allows tanks to heal themselves for quite a bit.

‘Shake It Off,’ a talent that would make Taylor Swift proud, “creates a barrier around self and all nearby party members that absorbs damage totalling 15% of maximum HP.” The effect lasts for 30 seconds (formerly 15), and is unlocked by Warriors at level 68. The enhanced version, which increases cure potency, is unlocked at level 76.

In the wake of patch 6.3, however, warriors have been able to heal up for an astronomical amount. The ability was buffed as part of the update, upping how long it lasts for as well as removing gradual health and replacing it with a straight one-shot cure – although the amount it’s currently healing probably isn’t what Naoki ‘Yoshi-P’ Yoshida and co. had in mind.

At the moment, several screenshots show players healing for gigantic numbers. 5,492,324 and 9,079,176 are amid a slew of jawdropping values, with one player showing that their warrior healed for 1,500,005 while fighting the fiery Rubicante.

Haters gonna hate, heartbreakers gonna break, fakers gonna fake, and warriors gonna… wildly heal up? It’s a work in progress guys, don’t judge me.

Thankfully the devs have already caught the issue, and have confirmed that a fix is on the way. In a January 16 update they write “the following issue has been confirmed. Under certain conditions, the amount of HP recovered when the Warrior action Shake It Off is used only on yourself may be incorrect.”

This is followed by “we are currently investigating and working to address this issue. We apologise for the inconvenience.”

It goes without saying that, while this buff is great for warriors, it presents some real issues. As much as no one really likes to wipe, it’s all a part of the PvE process, isn’t it? I’m just really glad this didn’t make it into PvP, but I am very happy that I got Taylor Swift stuck in your head.

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